#THMNuggets0818 Day 6: Do Not Write Anybody Off

No.1 lesson I learnt from my father. He learnt the hard way and he made sure he instilled this in us, I always wondered why this man will always have all sort of people around him.

He is the friend to the rich and the not so rich, he will play with the ‘area boys’ (touts), the illiterate and the elite, he is friends to all. So I grew up with this mentality and I have practically applied it. 

Do not be in a hurry to look down on people because you do not know where God has taken them from and you do not know where God is taking them to.

Someone walks up to me and reels out a list of conclusion they have made or attributes they believe about another person, I simply smile at such people and never really say anything. And in my mind, I am thinking, I know where this same judgmental person came from. So how can it be him or her that is pulling out the judgmental stick on someone else? But I do not say anything – I just smile.

Many times, we get carried away and write people off easily forgetting where we have come from ourself, we write off people that God has tagged as work in progress. Sometimes we even write our destiny helpers off without realising God put them in our lives for a reason.

Even when people have wronged me, I still don’t write them off, I just manage our relationship differently – most times I start dealing with them at an arms length, because there might be a day I will be in dire need of their help!