#THMNuggets0818 Day 5: Know Your Allies III

Just before I go into today’s notes, We are talking about knowing your allies and the bible verse from the YouVersion Bible App today is John 15:13 “No one has greater love than this, to lay down his life for his friends” – Just out of curiosity can you ask yourself this question “Can I lay my life for any of my allies”?

Just thought I will share that quickly, back into the flow – Following on from the past 2 days, the last 2 types of people you have in your circle that you need to be aware of are 


Your comrades are not necessarily for you, not for what you are for, but are against what you are against. To make this really practical, apparently most people usually erroneously marry their comrades because of a common cause for example, they both have poverty in their past so they are fighting a common enemy.

The problem is when God blesses them financially and there is nothing else to fight, they face each other. That is the danger of marrying comrades, I read this and looked around me and it made so much sense.


These people are not for you, not for what you are for, not against what you are against, but they are against you. In fact, all they are thinking about is how to get an advantage over you. Imagine someone fantasizing over your spouse and all they think about is how to have what you have, or how to take your position.


Concluding, sadly a lot of us have made our conspirators our confidants (our closest pals). It just shows you how unsafe a lot of our lives are. We all need to be discerning and understand who each person in our life is, and what their purpose in our lives is. May God help us discern rightly, Amen.