#THMNuggets0818 Day 4: Know Your Allies II

Following on from yesterday, to understand this more, I was reading a Bishop TD Jakes article and came across this – he broke down the 4 types of people we all have in our circle or around us. Will write on 2 today and the other 2 tomorrow.


Your confidants are for you. They do not know much about your vision. In fact, they may not even believe everything you believe but they are committed to you as a person.

You can count on them to be there when you are down and out and to give you a listening ear when the world shuts theirs against you. Your confidants are your most precious possessions on earth apart from the Holy Spirit.


Your constituents are not necessarily for you but are for what you are for. Politicians understand this well that there are no permanent enemies or friends just permanent interests. They are for what you are for and when what you are for changes, they jump ship.

A lot of people mistake their constituents for confidants and it is usually disastrous. When you take a constituent as a confidant, they will throw you under the bus without even thinking. They will sell you for five pieces of silver.