#THMNuggets0818 Day 3: Know Your Allies

I will cover this over the next 3 days.

Who are the people around you? Do you know the people around you? Who are your allies? Do you know the people that appear to be on your side? Write down their names, take the list to God and pray for them one after the other.

My Pastor, Dr Sola Fola-Alade once shared, “some people have been married for twenty odd years and they do not know their spouse. He or she may be flying while you are sleeping (Juju Is Real)”.

To manage relationships better you need to know everyone around you and what they are capable of doing, if you do not know what everyone around you is capable of doing, then you are in for surprises.

Test your relationships, to see who will say what or do what. Sometimes that is the easiest way to know the people around you. Sometimes you just need to wait and watch. While sometimes God will reveal their hearts to you directly, but you must know everyone around you and who is capable doing what.

I know must people around me so I don’t get surprised as often when things happen, I know what to expect from most relationships. – People do have bad/off days so they might surprise you once in a while or not meet expectations at times but I still know where i stand with them.

Which of your siblings are like me capable of knowing that this food has been set aside for Mum or Dad and still eat it? – I was that child.

Which of your friends will go the extra mile to see you smile/happy? If you do not know, then deliberately set it up. The objective is just to understand who each person really is, it will really help you.