#THMNuggets0818 Day 10: Characteristics Of Opportunities.

So Yesterday, I wrote about procrastination. When we procrastinate we most times we miss opportunities.

Still in the same flow, I thought I will write about opportunities and its characteristics.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Everybody that has done anything great knows that many times all you see is an opening. But as you seize that opening, more doors open. It is as if multiplication just happens. Unfortunately, a lot of people are waiting for the big doors to open but it does not work like that. You need to seize the open doors then as you are walking into those doors, the bigger doors will open.

 Opportunities have expiry dates. Every opportunity has a day time and a night time (season) you may have all the energy in the world but once the night comes, you cannot work If you do not move while it is day, once it is night the door is shut and once the door shuts, Issallova my friend.

I know people say the regret not taking that opportunity but i think it is beyond that, an opportunity missed can hurt you for a long time. Regret is the first point of hurt, but it is way beyond regret; it can really cause serious hurts/pains.

Do not procrastinate, explore the right opportunities that come your way, it is most likely a set up for something greater.