#THMNuggets0818 Day 18: The Second ‘How Are You’

My friend called me annoying for this, I remember she even once said she was going to block me soon #EmptyThreats lol. I learnt this from my church leader – Uche Ezichi.


He would usually say “Tobi, How are you? You good?” And default answer for anyone is usually I’m good, I’m fine thanks – if they are nice enough they will ask you how you are too.


The 2nd How are you is the REAL how are you. The concept of the 2nd How are you is since the default answer of the 1st is I’m fine thanks, the 2nd How are you comes with emphasis as in how really are you.


Most times when you ask this 2nd How are you that’s when you really know how the person is if they are actually fine or ‘’fine’ and life is happening, don’t be fool by the way we dress, people are going through life and it’s deep, don’t assume because they are all smiley smiley everything is well, life is really happening to people and at times people are just looking for someone to talk to to encourage them to be there for them.


So, when you can always ask the second ‘how are you’, it might save a life.