How Did I Get Here From Being A Pro-Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria!

I’m struggling to understand how I got here, “I was so passionate about Nigeria and what it has to offer, I believed so much in her that I was ready to engage her and start life with her. Even when she broke my heart I was willing to give her a second chance. She will definitely accept me as long as I keep coming back” – Someone’s analogy and I can relate to it, but our threshold for rubbish is different.

  • Some people give up after they have been beaten once,
  • Some will go back and be beaten a few times before they finally give up
  • Some would not even mind being beaten every day they will still stay in that relationship hoping and believing that one day things will work out in their favour.

If you are the type that stays and hopes for a better future, you usually get rewarded more because you rode through the struggles but this is not me, I am more of the second type of person that, will always give a second chance or even a few more chances before I then withdraw myself and deal at a distance. For the record, I don’t give up on relationships (all) even when I have been beaten and not trying to jinx it I hope I would not have to ever do that.

I have had to adopt this analogy because it just explains where I am with ‘Nigeria’. For those who know me, I always encouraged everyone to move to Nigeria – Nigeria is the land of many opportunities, Nigeria is the future.  On this my recent trip I had to ask myself when exactly is the future? will the future ever come in my lifetime? But what I have realised is that I am starting to doubt myself about Nigeria – which is really strange.

The word on everyone’s lips is Emigrate – our best talents are leaving the country, rich business owners are emigrating, businesses are shutting down at the same rate startups are coming up – filter through (1 in 1 out). A lot of my friends that had moved back are all moving back to England now, some are still there but a majority are back in England. People that I know that have amazing jobs/business are leaving the country, there is mass emigration, people are leaving the country in crazy numbers – Canada seems to be the destination for most.

Nigerians are naturally talented people and real hustlers, real hustlers ride the tide no matter how heavy the waves are, we are so flexible that we can adjust to whatever situation we find ourselves but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I think people (youths) are getting to the point where they will seriously revolt – even though this almost happened a few years ago and the gospel of ‘let peace rain’ was preached and the youths calmed it.

I’m a realistic optimist – I believe in applying wisdom, I am very positive, extremely positive in fact, but I am a realist too and with the things I am seeing and the way things are going will she ever fulfil her great destiny? what do we need to do to save her? does anyone really care anymore?

Kids as young as 5 years old will say things like “Uncle Tobi, this country is finished”. I am usually like don’t say that it is not finished. These days I am actually starting to think maybe it is indeed finished or it is finishing.

I really do not understand how I got here. I am very much open to having discussions with anyone interested in how we can save her from sinking totally!

God bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa, God Bless the World.