#THMNuggets0818 Day 17: Seek Counsel

You do not know it all, I know we live in a generation of let me make my own mistakes and learn but trust nothing is new, you are not the first to experience whatever you are going through, speaking to someone saves you time, energy, hurt, pain and money in some cases.


The final decision is yours, you can always hid to the advice or not but there is wisdom in always seeking counsel, have the opinion of others at least especially life decisions especially, I always seek counsel. It shouldn’t just be from your parents or close friends,they might struggle to tell you the truth at times, and that is the truth.


I have different types of relationships with people I seek counsel from, some are older, some are mates and some are younger! Also, I have creatively formed friendship with some people that are not necessarily in my circle, so I have access to them but on a personal level I am not that close to them, so at times I cheekily make up scenarios when I want to seek advice from them – ‘asking for a friend’.


I also have people I am accountable too, these people have my best interest at heart – they have been carefully selected I do not hide anything from them, if you do not have anyone you are accountable to that will be a starting point.