#THMNuggets0818 Day 13:Time Is Money

The saying “Time is Money” is one that a lot of people have embraced. Whereas, the reality is that time costs more than money. To say time is money is to downgrade your time. You can make more money but you cannot make more time. Money lost can be recovered but time lost can never be recovered.

Time is more important than money. Many of us will not consider ourselves as thieves but, if your job is a nine to five and you are wasting office hours on social media sites, instant messaging, you are actually stealing your employer’s time.

The truth of the matter is ‘the time is money’ adage has gotten us into a lot more trouble than we realise, because we live our lives based on the misleading premise that time is money, we attempt to do more in less time. We begin to confuse activity with productivity,

We are so busy with life we forget to be productive just because time is money and there is time to waste. Take your time when it comes to executing projects, remember you need time to make money but your money would never make you time, time spent is gone and can never be gotten back, invest your time wisely.