#THMNuggets0818 Day 12: Why Isn’t Simplicity The Focus

If you do not focus on simplicity, you get complexity by default. Simplifying things is a lot like digestion, it is a lot of work but that is where productivity begins. There is a rule that simply states that “it is pointless to do with more what can be done with less”. It appears to be logical and pretty straight forward, right? But as people we waste resources alot.

For example, my mum wants to talk about settling down, instead of going straight and asking the question she will 1st talk about other things related or unrelated at times before she finally gets to the point, she travels through time and stories for what exactly? She once told me how my distant cousin found his wife at university and never knew she was the one, how he used to bully her, laugh at her because she wasn’t seen as the finest or buffest but now they are one of the best couple’s she knows, then finally she asks Tobi, how far? Do you have a girlfriend? When are we going to meet her.

While that may be harmless when it comes to relationships and possibly helpful to connect with her and listen to all her stories, but when it comes to resources – time and energy in this case, it does not make sense. Do not spend more when you can spend less.

Detectives also use this principle to solve cases; they take the direct approach. The simplest and most direct solutions are usually the most correct solutions. Take the direct approach. Simplify things, save yourself some resources.