#THMNuggets0818 Day 9: Procrastination The Slower Killer

Everyone is guilty of this and we all need to sit down, reflect and do a ‘completely true to self’ report that answers this question: what exactly are you waiting for?

You have been going out with that lady for so long, what are you waiting for? Propose!

You have laid out the business plan and gone over it several times, what are you still waiting for? Just start the business.

God has spoken to you and given you clear instructions about something, what are you waiting for? Obey God!

You know you need to surrender to Jesus for a better life, what are you waiting for? Just surrender to Jesus and He will take it from there.

Take time out today and have a real and honest conversation with yourself. Will it be tough? Of course!

Confrontation is never easy, but it is so that you can enter into the better life that awaits you. Get the delay out of the way and exploit the opportunities – will be writing on characteristics of opportunities tomorrow.

If you keep waiting for ‘Tomorrow’ – Tomorrow never comes, I still struggle with this myself and writing out my targets and the daily task I need to do to reach that target as really helped, so once a task is accomplished I cross it out and move on to the next, writing these tasks out also saves me time – I can see if there are things I can concurrently.

Note – I found this somewhere and it was really interesting and made sense! “Procrastination is a sign of a perfectionist” – Are you a perfectionist? chances are you’re the biggest procrastinator too.