#THMNuggets0818 Day 8: Protect Your Territory

Do not get comfortable where you are, someone else is trying to take that spot, or might just be envious of what you have so as my mum says you need eyes all over? Not just the 2 you have.

I have heard a saying that getting to the top is the easier part of the journey, the more difficult 1 is staying at the top.

A very relatable territory to protect for most of us is RELATIONSHIP. The fact that you now have a girlfriend or the fact she’s now your wife does not stop other men from admiring her and making advances. So, you need to protect your territory. Also, for females you need to know that there are probably other women out there eyeing your man so protect your territory wisely.

It doesn’t always have to be other people try to invade your territory, you can be invading your own territory – habits. An example, a territory for me is weight loss, going out – night clubbing, I have achieved a milestone. I need to protect those territories otherwise I can lose it easily by letting my old habits get the better of me then try blame the devil.

Every ground gained in every area of your life, needs to be protected – if you value it or else you will end up keep going around in circles. 

If you value it – Achievements, Relationships,Whatever It Is! PROTECT IT.