#THMNuggets0818 Day 31: Trust God

If this has blessed you in anyway, it is only been God, It might be the last day of the month and of these nugget notes but it is the perfect time to let you know it wasn’t my wisdom or thinking that made this happened, God instructed and gave everything I needed. Whatever it is that you want to do or become make sure God is at the centre of it. Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will naturally fall into place, it sounds crazy but it is tested and proven in me!

These 31 notes only happened by the direction of God, A lot of it is what I have learnt in the past 2 years. He has a sense of humour just imagine this, I have a book I am currently writing and God said put that on the side write these notes they are more important in this season, people need them, It is also a learning ground for you. Meaning do not get excited now young man, this isn’t just for everyone else because you have learnt these things and understand them now, but it is also for you because you have other things you still need to learn, so it is a training ground for the more complex things that will come, like the book you are writing!  

Me saying ‘God said’ also sounds weird and cool at the same time to me but trust me he speaks and we converse a lot, he loves a banter and we do have banter, he is just so dope!!

Anyway before you can trust him, you need to invite him into your life and have a personal relationship with him, if you haven’t got one.

My prayer as this comes to an end is that you find God, form a relationship with him and that you will find that trust in him and his process. When it gets tough and it will, come back to declaring his words over yourself and your situation, even when the trust is fading call out to him he will surely answer – Tried/Tested and Proven!