#THMNuggets0818 Day 30: It Is A Process

Nothing happens overnight, the same way you didn’t get to where you are now overnight. It takes eating junk over months to gain weight and it also takes proper diet and exercise over months to lose it too.


I do not believe in overnight success, I believe people suddenly see it overnight but not that it happened overnight. There is a process to everything.  


I found a quote online that said.


“Nothing changes overnight I know becoming everything I want to be will take time and patience”


People see me and say Tobi, you have lost weight – how did you do it. I decided to fix my diet and exercise more, that is it! It didn’t happen overnight.  


I really like this quote but I think it is incomplete, I will add “as long as I keep taking steps daily towards the goal/vision


You have to do something, take steps, I have what I call rituals, these are the things I do daily to achieve a long-term goal, I do fall off at times but I understand that it is a process and pick myself back up.


A Chinese proverb says

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”  


A tree doesn’t grow overnight, you have to plant it first and watch it grow, whilst it is growing it will be bitten by the rain, stormy weather, the sun will shine on it – too hot at times but as long as it stands all these difficult seasons and times it will surely become a tree


Are you trying to build confidence?

Are you trying to secure the perfect relationship?

Are you trying to buy a house?


Whatever it is you are trying to do, it is a process and we are quick to knock ourselves when we make mistakes or do not do something right, some go as far as giving up but we really can’t we have to pick ourselves back up and push. I will say this though the process is a lot easier when you know who you are in God.