#THMNuggets0818 Day 29: Be Grateful

My second most import weapon is gratitude! I am always very grateful no matter what the situation is, there is someone out there dying/will kill to be in your current situation or to have the same privileges you are currently enjoying. I have just come back from Nigeria and I visited the slums whilst out there and I realised how lucky a lot of us are, maybe we all need a slum experience to understand how lucky we are .

We go on Instagram see the car or clothes someone is driving/wearing and we become depressed all of a sudden, for some it goes as low as the number of likes on someone’s picture and you are struggling to get 10 likes – be grateful for your 10, someone didn’t get any. Be Grateful, I know it is easier said than done but even in difficult times be Grateful, Thank God for life because you definitely could be dead

I’m grateful to God and to man too, because it is a man God will use to help us get to our next level. For a lot of us to get to our next level all we need to do more of is saying ‘Thank you’ to people but we are too arrogant, too spoilt and feel the sense of entitlement, we believe we deserve certain privileges — and subconsciously we become arrogant about it too.

Saying Thank you is an art, I had to learn it by practicing over and over again, now it is a part of me to always say ‘Thank you’. I used to be so arrogant and so demanding/commanding that I forget to acknowledge people when they get things done for me – sense of entitlement, but these days people are more willing to help out even before I ask them too and you can see it is coming from a genuine place all because I acknowledge them genuinely.