#THMNuggets0818 Day 28: Be Intentional

The first question I will ask anyone that wants a change is, ‘How intentional are you?’

A lot of us have good intentions.

–          I want to lose weight.

–          I want to save up x amount by this time next year.

–          I want to be a better person.

–          I want to be closer to God.

These are a few of the many things I have said to myself before, they are all good things to want to do, but I have just never been really intentional about them, so they are all talks.

When I decided to be intentional about them, I took action and made things happen

Staying motivated then is another thing entirely, you have to be intentional first before thinking about motivation. I used to think of how to motivate myself to do these things without really being intentional about my desires.

Being intentional helps you to do more than just surviving – getting by daily. Be intentional because you want to make an impact in this angry world, because you have a vision for your life, because you are passionate about something, because you want to see a change, because you weren’t just born to survive but to thrive, because you want genuine happiness.

Intentional living does depend on how you feel, it is more focused on the results – which might mean you will have to force and push yourself most times. If we make decisions based on how we feel, I wonder if we will ever make any significant progress towards our ‘goal/want’.

Real life example, I am very passionate about people and seeing people happy gives me absolute Joy so I didn’t want 2018 to go without me making an impact in live, to make this happen I had to make some unpopular decisions, I had to forgive people that have wronged me, I had to apologise when I was the one that is being hurt. I had to distance myself from people, managed my time so I can achieve this goal.

If you ask me as that worked? Hell yeah and I have people that can testify to that too!