#THMNuggets0818 Day 25: Limits Off ll

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post.

#4. Visual Limitations. Do not be limited by what you see [your sight]. Many times the reason we are not moving in abundance, is because all we see is scarcity. I want you to open your eyes daily to the abundance around you. What we see is so powerful because if you check, God largely does not go beyond how far you see. God brought Abraham out and said to him look to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west. As far as you can see, I will give you the land. And today we are called the children of Abraham. What does that tell us? Abraham saw you and I that day. He saw Nigeria, he saw Kenya, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe. He saw as God wanted him to see. I pray that you will see as God wants you to see.

It is truly amazing that God is able to give you a prophetic Word for your destiny on one hand but on the other hand ask you what you see. God had told Jeremiah what his destiny would be but God also asked him what he could see. And if you do not see accurately, there is going to be a problem because God largely does not go beyond how far you see. I pray for you again that you will begin to see accurately beginning from today, in Jesus Name.

#5.  Spoken Limitations. The words people say are another source of limitation. Scripture clearly states that life and death are in the tongue. So what you say has the power to limit you. I have seen people practically bind their hands and legs with what they say and it is so disheartening. You see parents having challenges with a child that is stubborn and they speak limitations into the child’s future. I have heard parents make statements like ‘this child will kill me’. Watch what you say! I have seen couples out of anger call their spouse useless. That is evil. You are binding and limiting yourselves. God wants you to break out of that. But for you to break out, you need to change what you say. In whatever area of your life that you want abundance of life to flow, you need to change what you speak over it.

The truth is that our God is a God of abundance.  Just look around you and look at the stars, God does things in abundance. In Genesis 1, when He was creating the ocean, God said let the ocean bring forth abundantly and all sorts of creatures appeared. As ‘advanced’ as man and man’s gadgets are, do you know that man has not explored more than five percent of the ocean? Scientists are bewildered at the depth of the ocean. I was reading an article that stated that scientists get to certain depths of the ocean where the darkness becomes too thick to see the creatures around them so they have to turn back. The Bible says there are leviathans in the ocean. Who knows what leviathan is? But it is in the ocean and we know this because God says so. God is a God of abundance and you are His child. It must ache God’s heart to look at us in scarcity because He created us for abundance.