#THMNuggets0818 Day 22: Be The Change You Want To See

Gandhi said we should all be the change we want to see in the world, this is potent and still relevant today – but I go further and say we should be the change we want to see in anything (world, situations, relationships….) as long as you are not putting your life at risk.

If you ‘deep’ it, it’s basically talking about behavioural change when it comes to our responsibilities.

Practical example, so I am not sure if I am the only one with an amazing mother, some of you might use the word annoying instead, but mine is amazing! God bless mothers.

So we never really got on because she nags a lot, I naturally do not get with anyone that nags! Now imagine living with someone that nags all the time, my mum always had something to complain about it is unbelievable. Petty things like the colour you are wearing (she is not a fan of red or black, my spiritual friends will know the reason already). I didn’t have the patience so I will react, which left me stressed/angry most times.

It became unbearable so I moved out, when I moved out I was so unlucky the guy I moved in with was worse than my mother, I will take my mother’s nagging a million times. Nice guy though, my mum nagged about things that affected me directly, he nagged about everything – he nagged about his mother, his father, his siblings, his boss and work colleagues, his baby’s mother, the neighbours, the security guy downstairs, nagged about the government (I get this) and also nagged about himself! I had never met a boy like him in my life.

I learnt my lesson, I was living in a house rent free and couldn’t deal, I then moved out to pay rent to hear someone nag about everything you could think of. He drained me physically, spiritually, emotionally……. Noone advised me to move back home, when I moved back I had to change and not react to my mother, I just listened to whatever she had to say and gradually our relationship got better, these days we are best buddies, her nagging seems to have reduced too, but I had to change for her to change. I used to say to her you need to change mum but until I changed nothing changed.