#THMNuggets0818 Day 20: Die Daily

No matter how much potential the seed has, the seed remains a seed until it dies. Many people are in relationships but have refused to die to themselves. The people in it are not dead to their arrogance, stubbornness, pride; everybody wants to prove a point talking back at each other.

We are all like seeds, to start the process of blossoming the seed needs to die, after the seed dies we see roots and then germination which leads to fruiting and then harvest. We see people in the harvest stage and we get jealous and wish that was us but we still have our own philosophies, there is nothing wrong with having our own philosophies (knowing), but when it is not working you need to throw those philosophies out of the window.

Since the seed needs to die for everyone to see the harvest (Fruits), it means death produces life, die to everything that hasn’t worked so far, all your bad habits – you know them, do a self check as often as you can, write them down, let them die and look forward to your fruits – Harvest!