#THMNuggets0818 Day 19: Sometimes ‘I Do Not Know’: You Don’t Always Have To Have The Answer

So, over the last 12 months, I have started to say ‘I do not know’ when I actually do not have an idea, I am quick to say Yes, so even without knowing what the task is, I have already said yes maybe because I always have a positive and it will happen attitude.

I naturally always want to help people even when I do not have the answer, I will volunteer easily because I have a heart of service, give myself up to tasks that I have no clue on. Which is fine, but I think I do myself more harm in the long run with this approach. Most times, because I do not want to make a mess of the task at hand I end up using up/wasting a lot of resources – time, money and energy to get the job done.

Other times I have ended up making an absolute mess of the task, making myself look stupid, incompetent, all talk and a time waster, all I had to say was ‘I do not know’ and I would have saved myself the embarrassment and still have my points intact but when I make a mess of everything I lose points. Another thing is, I barely have time to focus on my own projects because I have taking on so much and spread myself really thin by trying help others.

Thinking about it now I am also lying/ being deceitful, because I actually do not know but I am pretending like I do just because I want to help.

Saying ‘I do not know’ also saves the other party not just me because that way they can find someone else, rather than thinking I have this all sorted and it is in capable hands

It is humbling to say ‘I do not know’, I only just realised that is actually no harm in me saying it too, if you are like me and you really want to help you can always tell people I can try find someone who is in a better position to help, at the end of the day you are not Jesus, we can only try and be like him.