#THMNuggets0818 Day 15: Run Your Race At Your Pace – Ignore the distractions!

We all want to get to the top quickly, at times even faster than our resources can accommodate, this approach puts pressure on every resource we have, Personal example I had a catch up with my cousin and he was telling me how he has just bought a house in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

I was thinking what a guy! But what had slipped my mind was that he was now 40 at that point, had built his career over the years to the point he was now a Business Lead at 1 of the top multinational oil companies.

I said to him I want to be like you, I need me a house in Dubai and he asked “Tobi how old are you now, I said 23 at the point – His reply I was still trying to find my feet at that age, Things didn’t kick off till 28/29 and ever since I have maintain and managed my progress till I got here now, I am here now I am still running MY OWN race at MY OWN pace and not looking at what my friends or family have done or doing.

He told me about a guy they all wanted to be like, apparently the guy started really well when they all graduated from university, but fell off after like 10 years.

It is not about how you start the race, It is how well you finish that matters – to finish at the right pace and at the right time you will need to focus on your own path and ignore the noise (distractions).