#THMNuggets0818 Day 11: It Is Not Every Opportunity That You Take

Yesterday I encouraged us about taking opportunities, I felt like It wouldn’t be complete without also writing about this – “It is not every opportunity you take”. As a natural risk taker I am quick to jump at opportunities but I have learnt that not every opportunity is mine no matter how good it looks!

The same way it is not every battle you fight, it is not every opportunity you exploit. Great leaders have a way of looking at an opportunity and deciding the ones to pass on. 

Life does not only present us with battles, life presents us with opportunities and it is not every opportunity that you take. You are excited about the opportunity to do that business. My question to you is, has God called you to do it? You cannot be blinded by how juicy the opportunity is, I have been there and it is usually full of regrets we then try to console ourself saying “there is a lesson in every experience” – true but have you learnt?

Life teaches us that it is not every opportunity you take and I can give you several examples. For instance, every lady that comes to puberty has a menstrual circle approximately every month. And that is an opportunity to have a child. What will happen to the woman that insists on seizing every opportunity to have a child? But God keeps bringing it every month just to teach us that it is not every opportunity you should take.

Ideally you will expect her to take the opportunity when she is well equipped to look after the child, if she’s not well equipped most times you will see the effects in the life of the child – Harsh truth! 

Also, an opportunity can come but you are not prepared or ready for it – I can relate to this a lot, I have been in situations where there is an opportunity and it looks good/lucrative so I take it and then mess it up because I am not equipped for it – I could have saved myself the embarrasment in the first place by not taking it but maybe because of greed or even ego I jump at it, mess everything up, embarrass myself and also waste resources in the process – run at a loss.

What we all need is, to be able to discern the opportunities that are for us and the ones we need to pass, not all opportunities are for you, it might look good or even be for you but maybe just not the right season – so you need a spirit to discern!