#THMNuggets0818 Day 1: Know Yourself


A lot of us are too focused on others, quick to judge others but have no clue who we are. One of the greatest disservices you can do to yourself is to think that you are who you are not. Some people pretend to be who they are not for long enough that they begin to believe it. Be true to yourself.

3 steps to knowing yourself.

1: Be brutal about telling yourself the truth.

2: Look into the Word of God. It is like a mirror; look into it and you will see yourself.

3: Ask the Holy Spirit and He will show you yourself.

Once you know yourself then you can improve yourself. For example, one has to know first and foremost that he or she likes lying. Then he or she can improve self, read books that help, and get help.

Just know yourself, when you really know who you are, it is liberating and it humbles you and keeps you focused.

N.B – If You Need Help With Any Of These Or Want To Talk More In Depth Pls Don’t Hesitate To Contact Me.