God does not just want us to have life; God wants us to have life abundantly. Abundance or when something is in abundance simply means more than enough, or beyond what is required. Imagine you are asking God for two units and He gives you twenty thousand units. There is only one word for that and it is abundance. Imagine you are trusting God for a promotion at work and He gives you a triple promotion. The only word for that is abundance. However, there are things that put a limitation on us and we are not able to walk in the fullness of the abundance that God has for us.

#1. Positional Limitations. When you are wrongly positioned, you are going to have challenges with abundance. An obvious one from a spiritual standpoint is, if you are not in Christ you are wrongly positioned. Why? When you are in Christ, the Scripture says you are seated in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers together with Christ. In Christ, you are above limits.  When you are not in Christ, you are under the control of the elements. If you are wrongly positioned, I pray that you will reposition in God, in Jesus Name.

#2. Resource Limitations. Sometimes, we allow ourselves to be limited by our resources. And an expression of that is the statement; I do not have enough money. Or I wish I had more of abc….., I would have done that for God. The truth is that your destiny does not depend on your resources. I know this would sound strange to some people but it is the truth. Your destiny does not depend on your resources. You and God know what is in your bank account and it is obvious that He cannot possibly depend on that. God does not depend on our resources to take us where He wants to take us.

You need to take your eyes off your resources. When Jesus was about to feed the five thousand men [not counting women and children], He asked the disciples what do you have? And the disciples came back saying we only have five loaves and two fish; what is this among so many? In other words, this resource is too little to fulfill the objective. And Jesus said, tell them to sit down.

God does not depend on your resources to take you where He wants to take you. Do not let your resources become a limitation! Initially, Gideon had thirty-two thousand men, God reduced them to three hundred men. And with only three hundred men, Gideon took nations and defeated stronger armies. Why? It is because God is not tied to our resources or lack of resources to work out His plan. So do not let resources become a limitation. In God’s Favourite House, we do not determine our projects by our resources. Rather, we focus on what we want to do for God and then we check what we have. And all the time, it is a world apart but God always comes through. Do not be positionally disadvantaged. Do not let your resources cage you.

#3. Historical Limitations. Do not let historical realities limit you. Some of us have allowed historical facts to limit us. This was what your great grandfather experienced, that was what your grandfather experienced, and that is what your father experienced. In fact, you are actually seeing the signs in your life. But the devil is a lair, that barrier is going to be broken with you, in Jesus Name. History can be so strong and you pretty much cannot argue with it because that is how it has been. But the Word of God supersedes your family history. It does. So do not be limited by history.

#4. Visual Limitations. Do not be limited by what you see [your sight]. Many times the reason we are not moving in abundance is that all we see is scarcity. I want you to open your eyes daily to the abundance around you. What we see is so powerful because if you check, God largely does not go beyond how far you see. God brought Abraham out and said to him look to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west. As far as you can see, I will give you the land. And today we are called the children of Abraham. What does that tell us? Abraham saw you and I that day. He saw Nigeria, he saw Kenya, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe. He saw as God wanted him to see. I pray that you will see as God wants you to see.

It is truly amazing that God is able to give you a prophetic Word for your destiny on one hand but on the other hand, ask you what you see. God had told Jeremiah what his destiny would be but God also asked him what he could see. And if you do not see accurately, there is going to be a problem because God largely does not go beyond how far you see. I pray for you again that you will begin to see accurately beginning from today, in Jesus’ Name.

#5.  Spoken Limitations. The words people say are another source of limitation. Scripture clearly states that life and death are in the tongue. So what you say has the power to limit you. I have seen people practically bind their hands and legs with what they say and it is so disheartening. You see parents having challenges with a child that is stubborn and they speak limitations into the child’s future. I have heard parents make statements like ‘this child will kill me’. Watch what you say! I have seen couples out of anger call their spouse useless. That is evil. You are binding and limiting yourselves. God wants you to break out of that. But for you to break out, you need to change what you say. In whatever area of your life that you want an abundance of life to flow, you need to change what you speak over it.

The truth is that our God is a God of abundance.  Just look around you and look at the stars, God does things in abundance. In Genesis 1, when He was creating the ocean, God said let the ocean bring forth abundantly and all sorts of creatures appeared. As ‘advanced’ as man and man’s gadgets are, do you know that man has not explored more than five percent of the ocean? Scientists are bewildered at the depth of the ocean. I was reading an article that stated that scientists get to certain depths of the ocean where the darkness becomes too thick to see the creatures around them so they have to turn back. The Bible says there are leviathans in the ocean. Who knows what leviathan is? But it is in the ocean and we know this because God says so. God is a God of abundance and you are His child. It must ache God’s heart to look at us in scarcity because He created us for abundance…