imPerfect Me

I have just burst my own bubble.

If you know me you will agree that confidence isn’t an issue and I think I am just that guy and I am indeed Mr Perfect. Just to ascertain this status I have asked a few friends to tell something bad about me and I will write some here, love to all of you that participated.

The replies really shocked me, well some I know. Obviously I am human some stung me deep but hey I asked for it and it really has helped me even understand myself and people more.

Disclaimer: M.I Abaga inspired me to do this – I listened to his song titled ImPERFECT Me and I thought I will do the same.

So here goes, My Imperfections….

  • I have pride in me after all the humility I preach.
  • I need to lose a lot more weight than what i have lost (Basically you’re fat)
  • I am too dark – We #SayNoToBleaching
  • I am a bully, I do things i can’t accept/take
  • I can also be an Hypocrite.
  • Lazy! – Even I was surprised
  • Zero patience
  • Cheater – Obviously an Ex
  • Fraud – Do not get it
  • Liar – I would expect that from an Ex
  • Amongst Many Others

After reflecting on what people see as my flaws, I have come to the realisation that these things are what make me MEEE, so guess what I love this ImPERFECT me!!!!

Some of my ImPERFECTIONS can be changed i.e Laziness, zero patience and I am willing to challenge myself to improve and become better -TOBI 3.0.

I am a work in progress and please forgive me as he (God) is working on me, so love who you see because you are loving the real me, my ImPerfections are me so guess what if you are my friend you are stuck. HAHA!!

A question thats been on my mind though; even if I did change My “IMPERFECTIONS” will that make me perfect? Would I still be me or would I be trying to be someone else?

NB: I’m taking a lot of the reasonable ones on board though and going to work on it but I remain Baba Dudu (Dark Man) till rapture Yo!

Challenge yourself, burst your bubble and ask friends/family to tell you something they don’t like about you, some will surprise you and some you know already, make a list of it too and see what can be worked on (continuous development) but remember you will never be perfect!

N.B – You are human after all, if you know you can’t handle people’s opinions please do not do it, if your friends and family are brutal like mine, the replies might affect you negatively. It took me some courage to do this myself.