#THMNuggets0818 Day 26: Family First

I believe for fathers and fathers to be we have to understand that putting our families first should be something natural to us. We all have different types of families, our immediate family, our church family, our community and we also have friends that have now become families, for this post I am focusing on my immediate family.


Family is a word I used to throw around anyhow, I called people family easily but now I understand it is deeper than what I used to think it was, the same way I understand not everyone is a friend now. I am a naturally friendly person but I had to understand who and what a friend is. I am committed to my friendships and really look out for my friends.


Family is deeper than friendship, my focusing more inwardly and trying to make myself a better person is really paying off as its allowed me to spend more time with my immediate family and I am understanding my siblings more, I do not think there’s been a time we have been this close. My sisters ask for advice, I also ask for their views on different things to get a female’s perspective on situations.


I see my Dad ever so often these days, spending time with him and getting wisdom and sharing thoughts and plans with him is so beautiful. My mum can be a very cheeky woman, these days you hear things like this is my real son, the old one was fake, she is actually my number one fan.


Making myself more available to my family has really helped make our relationship better, I am happier and the happiness radiates clearly outside. One of the few things that make me genuinely happy these days is actual family time and seeing everyone bonding and discussing plans. It is just plain beautiful to watch.


When there isn’t anyone else left, the family will always be there, so value them spend time with them invest your energy in them because they are the ones that really matter.