#THMNuggets0818 Day 16: Anger Is Foolish

Anger destroys, anger makes you do things you later regret,

There’s wisdom in taking a few seconds before speaking at times. I have ruined relationships because of anger. Once upon a time the way you bring it is the way I give you, I was just angry by default and the littlest of things will trigger me, when we went out I was always the 1 get into an altercation, .

I was very defensive even when people meant no harm, things started to change when I met someone that was not only angry but was also negative! I used to say to him Ah! Mr, you need to chill small o, everyone else started telling me you need to practice what you’re preaching, so gradually I started delaying my reactions, listened more, apologise quicker and even more often and now I’m here.

Just to add, I’m human after all I do get angry once in a while these days, especially when you work with different personalities daily! One thing though is I make sure I don’t stay angry! Before I used to get angry easily and then stay angry and ruin my day/night, Most times ruin other’s too, these days i rarely let anything get me angry, but even when it happens occasionally, I make sure I do not stay angry.