#THMNuggets0818 Day 23: The Path

The path to real wealth can be tough, because of that a lot of people have taken a detour off the path. If you are on that tough path and you are contemplating taking a detour, my sincere advice is, you shouldn’t, it is because you are about to enter into your wealthy place. Stay on course.

I do not know who is riding on your head or taking advantage of you. But God is using it to your advantage. You are going to look back at the tough path and thank God for it. I understand that it may be difficult to wrap your mind around this now.

You might be going through fire now, the fire is not the destination. You are going through the fire, though the waters, and God is going to bring you to a wealthy place, a place of abundance. So that when people see you, they will say the Lord has done great things. Interestingly, when people see you in the wealthy place, their conclusion is that you are an “overnight success”.

Someone was sharing with me how he was somewhere and for some reason the discussion was about me. How suddenly I am living my best life out of nowhere, so he began to speak for me and they were amazed. Interestingly, the guy who was speaking for me does not even know a quarter of what I have had to go through in the past 5 years. By God’s grace, we are in a good place. When we see someone in a good place, a good place because there is better and then best! just know that the person has gone through the path. The path comes before the wealthy place.