Corruption In The UK Vs The Rest Of The World

I was listening to LBC | Leading Britain’s Conversation on Tuesday – A radio station, and Maajid Nawaz (sitting in for James O’Brien) had stated that corruption in the UK is better than corruption in Russia. This conversation all started with Gary Lineker’s tweet about the UK being as corrupt as Russia. I do not necessarily agree with that statement, but I have a problem with Majid saying corruption in the UK is better than corruption in Russia.

When we start making such statements, to a certain extent that means we are saying corruption is allowed since we are justifying it by stating the corruption in the UK is better than the corruption in another nation. So we start making conclusions like ‘I guess it is not that bad then’.

Corruption doesn’t have another name, corruption is corruption! It is a worm eating up every economy in the world.

I understand that when people get caught red-handed in the UK they get prosecuted because there is a functioning system that will prosecute. If we are really fighting corruption, why are we allowing Russia’s “dirty” money in our markets or the money African leaders have stolen in their various home countries into the UK and it is then invested in various things especially properties in London.

The UK economy is thriving on corruption and it shouldn’t be that way. Many things get swept under the carpet or thrown out behind the scene that we don’t ever get to hear about because it is unethical and will be bad PR for the UK.

A friend of mine who is a counsellor was speaking with me about how there is corruption in the political parties, asides the internal corruption, externally politicians get lobbied as long as they declare the money as gifts then it isn’t corruption. This is what the “big boys” are doing, they give politicians ‘gifts’ and their companies are awarded major contracts in return.

One of the callers to the radio show, a guy that gets contracts from the NHS called in and said how they bribe those internally so that they are allocated contracts. He continued that this happens in more than one NHS trust, existing in practically all trusts and even in local councils.

If the Brexiters were to speak, they would most likely say it is the foreigners coming in from corrupt countries that have infiltrated the system. They practice corruption because that is what they know and have been taught from wherever they have come from.

I ask this question ‘are the immigrants also the politicians that collect ‘gifts’  or are they the ones that caused the mess in Iraq? Tony Blair for selfish and corrupt reasons made us got to war and people got killed as a result – is this not corruption in our faces? It definitely is corruption and he still hasn’t been taken to court.

Enough of my rant. All I am saying is corruption is corruption, we shouldn’t be comparing corruption in the UK with corruption in Russia. Call it what it is, comparing will only make us think we are not that bad but the truth is we are bad. Things need to change not covered up using Russia as an excuse.