Errr I find it so lame/cringe to write about myself!…
I really struggle to find words to describe myself! I am just an everyday guy trying to make a change in the world, leave this world in a much better place than I met it!
…..As much as I struggle to find words, one thing I can tell you for free is that I am definitely “Living my best life” whilst gradually influencing the culture positively…..
So I have split what my life revolves around into these .


 I published my first book Sit Down | Sit Up in April 2019. In the book I document the journey from living recklessly to now living purposefully.

The Happy Man Reading

Social Reformer

I do some philanthropy work, I partnered with Khan Foundation to deliver accessible, free and quality education for kids from less privileged communities in Africa, we have started with Lagos, Nigeria and currently looking at expanding to other parts of Nigeria then other parts of Africa.


In my day job I work in the Tax practice at one of the ‘Big Fours’ helping clients resolve their Reward and Employment issues.

As I enjoy solving complex problems I picked up Business Designing because of my passion for businesses and the way they function, which was what motivated me to start the iDeas project (Helping individuals with business ideas move from just an idea phase to designing it and then implementation).


SDGs Advocate

The UN SDGs are 17 goals set for us all to achieve by 2030! I know it’s a big ask but if we all play our part, these goals can be achieved!  I Don’t want to leave this world in a worse state than I met it, I want to be a part of the solution so this spurred me on to start FeED and COALS, (hyperlink to the projects page) amongst many other projects to come! I encourage everyone to get involved, It’s time we all act – familiarise ourselves with these goals and be a part of the sustainable future we are creating.

Be a part of the solution not the problem! Be a change vessel!

I also do some speaking, and currently lead my local church’s young adult’s cohort


Started this movement out of a personal ordeal I once went through and there wasn’t anyone to really speak to. As men we are expected to be strong whenever life happens and soldier through it alone, there are expectations and this gets worse depending on your background, some people have it worse than others.
As COALS, we are a different breed of men, we are vulnerable to each other, and we look out for each other and just being a better member of the society – role models to the ones coming behind.
We currently meet once a month to discuss issues in our community and in our individual lives, we empower and support each other in the little ways we can do!
‘’We are COALS, we keep the fire burning together’’

As a certified Business Designer, Businesses and how they operate is something I have always been really passionate about. I then decided to start iDeas to help both existing business owners and potential business owners structure their businesses to become commercially viable.
Regardless of where you are in the cycle I am happy to help structure your venture.
The excitement I get from helping structure a business and see it thrive is unbelievable.

As the Lead-Doer for this project, we created this platform to facilitate conversations, encourage collaborations and empower the future leaders of the world.
The brand seeks “to inspire, empower and challenge young people to be change makers in their society by tackling geographical issues in the hope of delivering a better future”.
Lead Young aims to host summits to convene young people in one room to connect, inspire and empower them to share ideas and develop strategies and solutions to deal with the common issues of the world.

This initiative was set up to initially provide school lunch for primary school kids in under developed communities around the world. This was meant to be a form of motivation for the kids to go to school.

I quickly realised that a good and healthy meal isn’t enough if the kids weren’t getting quality education, so I decided to start educational hubs that will provide these kids with quality education. I am currently partnering with Khan Foundation to make this a reality.

The next phase of this project will be to start building ‘The HappyMan FeED Hubs’ and we are currently working on that

Some Other Achievements


 Barfest Birthed


First Graduation


Founded IMJ Pr (Entertainment Company)


Moved to Nigeria to start a new venture; UncleTobi


Found my way to church Haha


The HappyMan Journey Starts


 FeED Project, & Monday Nuggets


COALS, Became A Author, LEAD Young

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