Welcome to my personal website. Where I plan to share everything from what I’m up to, the books that I’m reading and the projects I am working on. The website aims to reflect the thing I’m passionate about from Jesus all the way to food.

With everything I do there is always a back story. After living in two different continents I was quick to realise that there are social issues everywhere in different shapes or forms. Education and food hunger became a priority of social issues I wanted to engage with, amongst other issues. And with education, I believed that I could bring to light the issues experienced by young people which led to the creation of Lead Young CIC And with the Chef IMJ brand, I am personally currently looking at sustainable solutions to help eradicate food poverty. 

You can donate below if you’d like to support this cause 

 I published my first book in April 2019 (link to book) In the book I documented my journey from living recklessly to now living purposefully. In two years I managed to do a 360 degree turn in my lifestyle. Majority of us know the difference between what is right and what is wrong but we all struggle to do what is right because of distractions in this fast moving world.  

Being responsive to my awakening is the best decision I have made to date. Some people didn’t get it but i knew there was something missing even after all the glimpses of success i had experienced. This piece of work is very dear to me, it takes you through my personal journey, the highs, the lows and the inbetween.

2020 came with the lockdown and as an extrovert, I struggled to cope with being indoors. I was forced into the kitchen without prior knowledge of being able to cook anything but boiled water. So I decided to take all my energy and frustration into the kitchen. Before I knew it, I could boil rice, make stew, fry plantain, bake bread and I got really excited and started playing with herbs and spices which led to me creating my own seasonings and sauces. Now I have started an instagram page

Aside from this new found love for cooking, food poverty has always been something I have always fought in my little ways. Cooking is fun but these are issues I am more passionate about so I am also using the Chef IMJ brand to push this message! So spread the word using this hashtag #FoodIsNotLuxury

I also have an online cooking show and also The HappyMan Grill House, which you can order from below (a percentage of profit is invested back into our #FoodIsNotLuxury initiatives).

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Tobsss I started reading Sit Down Sit Up last night,  your life bruh! Interesting, I am hooked and I am not much of a reader. I am inspired and thoroughly enjoying the book. 

I just finished reading your book and I am being discharged in a bit. I cant express how timely this book was for me. Being a tough season and all, I was probably going to force myself to listen to sermons as per usual and read The Word as much as I can to stay encouraged, which I did but the simplicity in the way you described your journey actually encouraged me so much in a different way. All the advice you gave, even about friendships, relationships, entrepreneurship were so so timely!! Thanks for your transparency and allowing God to use your story and for being cool peoples too lol. Grateful I met you and I am looking forward to all the other books. 

Our able leader, you lead so gracefully and challenge us to do better, your love for God is very evident, your laughter is contagious, your presence is always felt in the room! Thank you for all being you regardless of the situation. 

I Finally found time today to read your book and literally finished it in a few hours (with the obvious lunch and snack breaks lol) I’m honestly very impressed with the book, it flowed so well. You provided advice without it being too preachy and also drew from personal experiences. It’s so well written! Very proud of you and looking forward to the next book. 

TOBI!! Sooo I wasn’t going to write a testimonial until I finished your book, but I met someone from your church that saw me reading it on the bus and we just started discussing it. Your book is AMAZING!!! I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve cried and since I started reading it on sunday, it has kinda reignited something in me, it’s soo inspiring.

Tobi mehn your words are really speaking some truths, even for people who may not have lived a fast life like you did earlier, just living a life that feels purposeless and having no identity in Christ is exhausting. I am very happy I got to read it though. V











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